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Meta Mate RejuveMate Soap Natural

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Meta Mate’s high antioxidant levels are rejuvenating and our Berlin cosmetic partners have crafted a fine range of hand-made skincare products that will refresh you with Mate from inside to out.  Our RejuveMate Mate Soap is free from Paraben and the Mate granules inside work as a natural peeler.

According to Wikipedia Mate has the following qualities: stimulating (purging) for the muscles and metabolism. Due to the Caffein content it activates and strengthens the blood circulation. Through its tanning effects it can also be used for the external treatment of skin irritation (eczema).

The fnely-crafted RejuveMate soap done by hand by Britta Carl Gerth from Verzauberin is composed of Coconut and Sunflower oils and our anti-oxidant enriched Meta Mate for a gentle peeling to keep your skin delicate and radiant.