Barao de Cotegipe Organica
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Barao de Cotegipe Organica

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Arriving Dec10th. Buy it now. Reserve yours! *** BACK ORDER***

Chimarrao Style. Fine Cut. 1kg

Keeping to their reputation of being forerunners in the development of Mate in the local Brasilian sector, Barao had already certified their Mate as organic when we launched 23 on the market. However, it is only recently that organic is trending in the local market, so Barao decided to top their already Exclusive Barao Premium with Barao Organica.

In December 2016 we will have this in stock; now there are 4 vaccum packages that were sent to us by express post for those who cannot wait (hence the prices)

True to Barao’s signature bold green flavors and notes, this Mate makes a chimarrao that stays strong over a few rounds.

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