Learn More about Yerba Mate, Erva Mate and Meta Mate

What is yerba mate and benefits, the ways to drink maté, countries that drink and the origins, beyond all?

Information for the yerba mate lovers, curious new maté drinkers, or those that want to know it all!

so, What is Yerba Mate?

The Quechuan word Mate normally refers to the plant Ilex Paraguariensis, a native South American drink. Mate combines the energy of coffee with the health benefits of green tea and the good-mood feeling of chocolate all in one drink.

Yerba Mate is Spanish and refers to an aged, bitter, leafy version of a herb mostly known in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Erva Mate is Portuguese and refers to a fresh, green, powdered version of a herb mostly known in Brazil.

Meta Mate is English, Spanish and Portuguese, and means more. It goes beyond and it is redefining mate drinking offering outstanding new solutions. Meta has several meanings and we choose to emphasize the Sanskrit interpretation signifying the love and kindness given to us from the mate tree.

Only Meta Mate offers ancient, traditional, seasonal full-moon harvests from old growth trees or individually plucked freeze-dried leaves. Furthermore,  Meta Mate  designs products like soft drinks, beer, chocolate, cosmetics and much more. We work together with rural families in Brazil to legalize their small-scale high quality productions. Finally, Meta Mate strives for a better ecological foot print, therefore we work together with drink manufactures like Club-Mate to transform Soya Monoculture into Mate Permaculture.