Matehydrate Hand & Face Cream

Matehydrate Hand & Face Cream

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Hyrdate your face after a  rejuvemating rinse with our refreshing mate moisturizer.  Fill your face with the fragrance of the forest as the saponines from Mate soften your skin.

Several recent researches point towards the benefits of mate in cosmetic products and we want to offer passionate mate drinkers not only the chance to drink the best mates, but to radiate with mate from inside to out.

Although the label says it is a face cream, Britta clarifies that the concept of separate face creams and body lotions is created as a marketing strategy by the industry to make consumers buy more.  The antioxidental properties of mate make this cream ideal for the sensitive skin on the face as well as any other part of your body.  As we were keen to make the purest product without any unnecessary additives, the cream currently has the natural aroma of mate and shea butter.

This alcohol free face moisturizer is 100% natural and made in Berlin by Vezauberin

Ingredients:  Maté, Shea Butter, Cacao Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Glycero, Tocopherol & MalvaExtract      60 mL