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Meta Mate RAW Unsmoked

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Better than Yerba Mate, the most pure form and nutrition content.


Drinkers of our Raw Mate experience a natural energizing effect. Although this mate is not strong in caffeine, the high minerals, calcium, potassium and magnesium can give a stimulating effect….

Meta Mate Raw stems from planted protected forests in the Santa Catarina region, where they grow in a spacious agroflorestal environment under the shade of other native trees. A traditional mate producer with an extensive knowledge for Craft Mate production provided his infrastructure for a food scientist who created a new way to dry mate, preserving the maximum amount of nourishment.

Only healthy leaves between 6 months and 1 year are individually plucked from the mate trees. ; and cares well for the condition of his trees.

Folhas de erva mate para seleção final

This careful hand selection of the Mate leaves is inspired by the Asian tea pluckers and is unknown in the Mate industry, where branches and leaves are cut. The extensive care and screening that is given to the processing of Meta Mate Raw is unlike any other.

Upon arrival at the production facilities, the leaves are once again individually examined in sterile surroundings for minor signs of contamination. at this stage about 5% of the leaves are sorted out. The Mate is then rinsed with energized water something that is also unique in comparison to other Mates, where the leaves are never washed during the production process.

After removing excess water through centrifugation, the mate is shock frozen and then slowly dried in an environment below 45°C.

Sustainable production and technological evolution

As the harvesting process involves only the plucking of individual leaves we are able to harvest and produce this mate throughout the years without harming the Mate trees and the smoke-free indirect low temperature drying make it possible to produce this mate in a decentralized model without the need for industrial infrastructure.

Whereas, in the past tribal and gaucho men dominated the mate collection and production in the 21st century it has evolved. Meta Mate Raw, is the first Mate of its kind that was developed following scientific research by a woman and its uniqueness lies in the extensive care in its production that cannot be mechanized.

Its eco-footprint and taste mirror each other ‘clean, smooth, and soft… with no bitter sting or burn.’

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